September 20, 2012

Night Became Morning Too Quickly!

Son has been hit hard by this cold that has invaded my home.  Last night, I thought I was going to get to bed around 11:30ish and I was excited.  And I was wrong.  I laid Son down in his bed and he was so congested it sounded like he was choking, he coughs and starts crying.  Downstairs I head with Son and into the bathroom.  I get the shower going super hot to sit there in the steam with him.  That helps some and is followed by multiple uses of both Baby Ayr and a boogie picker.  Finally, at 2a.m., he's breathing well enough to fall asleep without the choking sound.  Him has been snoring for an hour now, lucky bastard!

At 4a.m. I wake up to Daughter hacking a lung out and trying desperately to choke out, "Mommy!".  I head into her room and bring her downstairs.  I get her to down some cough syrup and she wants to snuggle.  I snuggle her for a while and then put her back to bed at 4:30a.m.  I go back to my bed.  Again, Him snored straight through this. Lucky Bastard!

At 6:30a.m. Son is screaming for a diaper change and food.  I roll over and tell Him, "Your turn." He says, "'s 6 :30, I gotta go to work..."  DAMNIT!  LUCKY BASTARD!  So Him DOES change Son's diaper and I feed him.  Son is again so congested he can hardly eat so he's really pissed now.  Steam, Baby Ayr, boogie picker...finally clear enough to eat and I get him to sleep again around 8a.m.

I crawl back into bed thinking maybe, JUST maybe, I can get a little more sleep.  HA HA HA!  I'M HILARIOUS!

8:10a.m. Daughter wanders into my room with her face and front of her sleep shirt covered in blood.  "WHAT THE HELL?" comes out of my mouth and I jump from my bed.  Turns out Daughter had a bloody nose, thought it was just snot and tried to wipe it away.  Now blood is all over her face, the backs of her hands, her sleep shirt and her sheets.  OH YAY!  Wipe off her face and hands, change her clothes, put the sheets in the washer.  Well, now we're both up so say "HELLO!" to morning.

Night became morning too quickly and there was only enough elixir of the Gods (COFFEE!) for a half a pot.  My bed is such a nice bed and sleep is such a beautiful thing and I plan to revisit both of them soon.  For now they live as a fond memory in the forefront of my thoughts!

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