The hubby will be from here on out referred to as "Him".  Him is a great man that I truly and deeply love.  I usually like him too and then there are moments where he's lucky I love him cuz I don't really like him.

Him loves the 80's.  Yep, the decade of the 80's, hair bands, muscle cars, power ballads and Tawny Kitaen.  He has an '87 IROC-Z that I helped to restore so we could use it as our wedding car.  If you read the "How I Got Here" page you may remember when I met Him he was wearing a sleeveless Def Leppard shirt...yep, that's the man I married!

Him is a lot of fun.  He makes me smile and laugh.  He gets me through many of my, as he calls them, "Moments of Ridiculousness".  He's a wonderful daddy and he makes loving him fun.

Him was raised differently then I was.  He grew up his whole life within a few square miles.  I moved about the whole U.S.  He was in church every Sunday and even sang in the choir.  I barely ever went to church.  Him's parents are still together while my parents got divorced when I was two.  He was overall a "good boy" and I was a bit of a "party girl".  Sometimes what they say about opposites attract is true.

We seem to even each other out.  I make him show his crazy every once in a while and he makes me calm it down a little.