"Sanity Squad"

The "Sanity Squad" consists of my three best friends.  From here on out, unless they're all together, which is rare, they will be referred to as J, A and K.  Which really is the perfect way to refer to them cuz it spells JAK and I like to drink Jack on my mama's nights out and well, we're jackasses when we get together is ANY configuration.

First came K.  She started working with me at the bar I used to work at about a year after I started there.  We instantly hated each other.  One night the manager called me up and invited me to a hole in the wall bar we loved downtown.  I set off to meet him not knowing that he had also called K and invited her.  I got there first and sat down with the manager, we ordered drinks and started chatting.  In comes K.  We glared at each other but neither one of us would admit defeat so K sat down and ordered a drink and I ordered another.  We got a few drinks in us and started talking and quickly found out we had a lot in common.  By the end of the night she was telling me she needed a place and I was telling her I was living alone in a two bedroom apartment.  We became roommates, had too many drunken nights, broke her ex-boyfriend's window together and laughed through it all.  She lives a long way away now but we keep in touch and even when it's been too long, it's like we never missed a beat.  She still thinks I'm a bitch and I still think she is too but now, that's what we love about each other!

Then came A.  She was a regular at the bar I managed.  We didn't really pay too much attention to each other until she asked about a job.  I knew how good she was with the bands already and she knew most of the regulars...good fit.  She started as a server and quickly made it behind the bar with me.  I'm still not exactly sure how but we just clicked.  She's quite a bit unlike me, she always has her makeup and hair perfect and just looks cute all the time.  She's extra girlie to my jeans and a T-shirt self.  Somehow though, it just works!

Then came J.  She was dating a regular at the bar when I first met her.  We knew each other but didn't get close 'til years later.  She was in need of a job and I was a manager at a bar.  She put in her application in person with me.  I told her we had to pretend to do an interview but she was hired.  Her interview was us talking shit to each other for about a half hour to look good for the owner.  Yep, she had a interview!  She and I clashed for a bit.  I remember one night she told me my bark was worse than my bite.  I replied, "That's only cuz I haven't bit you yet!"  We quickly figured out neither one of us had many female friends cuz neither of us wanted the excess drama.  Which turned out to be perfect cuz we both subscribe to the "I have bigger balls than any of you, I just wear mine on my chest!" philosophy.  And VOILA, we both got another female friend.

Usually it's just J, A and me since K lives so far away.  They make me get dolled up and take me out on the town so that I can feel as un-mommy as possible.  They're awesome!   But recently, K came into town to visit and for the first time, I had my J.A.K. night.  The mash-up worked well and they all ended up calling each other "my bitch" by the end of the night.  They truly are my "Sanity Squad".