September 20, 2012

A "Glowing" Smile!

I got to learn something new today! YAY for learning!  BOO for why!

Grandmama, my mom, had Daughter and Son overnight this past Saturday and Grandmama had given Daughter a glow stick.  She has repeatedly put it in her mouth and been told repeatedly not to cuz she's gonna choke herself.  You'll need to know that to understand the following.

Daughter and I are snuggling on the couch, watching The Lion King.  Daughter has said glow stick and is playing with it like a wand.  Son wakes up upstairs. I hear him over the monitor and go to get him leaving Daughter on the couch peacefully watching the movie.  I come downstairs with Son and head to the kitchen when Daughter runs up to me shrieking, "It tastes bad!  It tastes bad!"  I ask her, "What tastes bad?  Did you put the glow stick in your mouth again?"  Daughter nods, now drooling for some reason.  "Yeah, two times and it tastes bad!"  I ask, "And did you choke and hurt your throat?"  The reply, "No Mama, I drank it!"  My turn to shriek, "WHAT?"  "I bit it two times and some came out in my mouth!"

Sorry'll have to wait a sec!

I get on the phone with Grandmama.  She's a nurse, I figure she'll know what to do.  She gets on the computer and searches the Poison Control Center website and finds out, the fluid is low in toxicity...Good!  We wipe her mouth out and she drinks two glasses of water...exactly like the website says...Good!

But this first line of the help for ingestion is the best...and I quote, "Don't be alarmed if your child's lips and tongue glow for a few minutes."  Since I now know it's low in toxicity...I HAVE A NEW PARTY TRICK!

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