September 27, 2012

Dumb It Down A Little!

Sometimes I really do think it would be easier to raise a stupid child.

Some days I want one of those kids that zones out on the T.V. and you never have to answer questions cuz there isn't a single one in that kid's head.  The kid that doesn't even learn to talk til they're about three and a half and can't count past 10 til they're 5. The kid that doesn't look at getting new books as if it's the greatest, coolest gift EVER.

Sure, I am glad we have a highly intelligent little girl but I worry sometimes that she's going to be smarter than me in a matter of a few years.  What worries me the most is the fact that she might ask me questions at 5 that I have to Google to be able to answer and the amount of money we might have to pay some tutor when she's taking classes in high school that I couldn't even get into in college!

Daughter is smart.

She's three and uses words that should SO not be in a three year old's vocabulary.  When she was about two and a half, Him was playing with the dog, they were making a ton of noise and Daughter comes out of her playroom and says, "I came in here to see what all the commotion was about?  What's the ruckus?" When she does run across a word she doesn't know she instantly asks what it means.

One day a couple months ago I gave Daughter some blueberries for a snack.  She sat there counted them out, there were 30 and then as she ate them she was saying, "30 take one away, 29.  29, take one away..."  (Yeah, I just started singing 'take one down, pass it around, 29 bottles of beer on the wall''re not alone!).  I explain to her that that was subtraction and she says, "OK, so 30 subtract 14 is 16."   Why yes, yes it is!

She is CONSTANTLY asking questions and not just the normal toddler, "Why?"  No, Daughter says, "When I jump on the floor it doesn't bounce like when I jump on the that because it's made of different stuff?  Like because the bed is softer? So, it's springier?"  HUH?

You can't just sit her in front of the T.V. either because that just leads to more questions.  "So, on George today, they went to the mountains.  Can we go to those mountains?  I mean, not THOSE mountains cuz that's a cartoon but the real ones?  And when they went up there...there was snow on the ground...but why is there snow on the mountains when it's nice at the bottom of the mountain?"  Seriously, I already have to really THINK when she asks questions!?!?

Daughter twists what you said yesterday to fit what she wants to do today.  "But yesterday you told me that I could stay up later cuz I needed a bath.  Well, tonight I need a bath too cuz I got dirty in my sandbox." "I didn't have to pick up my playroom yesterday cuz it was too late so you said you would do it and I'm really tired so I think I should go to bed and you can pick up my playroom."  Manipulative little so and so!

And this is only 3 years in!?!?

I don't actually want her to dumb it down, I'm amazed by her smart butt all the time, but I do wonder quite often where it came from!

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