September 24, 2012

Dear Bored Person...

Dear Bored Person that decided to report my profile picture on Google as offensive:

Google has since reviewed it and OK'ed it, which does not surprise me since I found it on Google images.  I just want to say, I REALLY hope you are keeping up with my blog and are reading this.

I feel we got off on the wrong foot with you being so upset by the DRAWING of a fifties housewife that is less revealing than that of any picture of a celebrity, A REAL LIVE PERSON, in their micro bikinis on the cover of any magazine viewable at any grocery store checkout.  I thought we should talk about your definition of offensive and figure out why you are either A.) terribly repressed or B.) incredibly bored.

Seriously, this is a DRAWING of a woman in a bra with a bathrobe covering most of the rest of her, thigh highs and a pair of high heels!  She's almost covered head to toe.  If you're Amish then what are you doing on the internet and if you're not...explain to me the issue?!?!  Are you a repressed housewife whose husband wishes you would dress like that when he comes home?  If so, I suggest you go get a trench coat, some lingerie and some serious CFM knee high boots with major stiletto action and meet him at your front door.  Maybe then you will be a little more relaxed!

And if you're so incredibly bored with your real life that you troll the internet for things to be offended by...first off, I know you can find a lot more offensive things than my profile pic and second, step away from the computer, go outside, don't worry...that big shiny thing in the sky is the sun, it's supposed to be there...and find out that the things on your computer aren't what people are talking about when they tell you to "GET A LIFE!"

Seriously offended by your delicate sensibilities,
Ann Onimous

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