September 17, 2012

I Do Not Make This Look Easy

I have some of those mom friends that just make it look easy.  They are the ones that, even with a household of sickies, have a cute outfit on, every hair is in place and their makeup is done in such a way that they look natural and like they got a full night's sleep.  I am NOT that mom.

Today, I knew Daughter was sick as of yesterday and figured I would be greeted by a sick child again this morning. What I was unaware of is that I would wake up with a sore throat that would quickly grow into fever, a hacking cough and a stuffed up nose.  Knowing I have to do mommy-duty anyway, Alka-Seltzer Plus, multivitamin and Zicam were all employed as soon as I was awake and downed with coffee.

Son woke up first.  After the first diaper change, I knew I was in for two sick kids.  I was just overjoyed at the prospect of taking care of two sick kids while sick myself.

I sit here now with Him reading bedtime stories to Daughter upstairs, Son asleep and me...oh I'm quite a sight!  I'm still in my PJ's from last night and now they have snot, spit up and vapor rub grease stains on them.  My hair is in a half ponytail/half bun thing with strands escaping everywhere.  My make up?  What make up?  This red, glassy eyed, rudolph-nose look has come about naturally.

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