The Daughter & The Son

The Daughter

Daughter is three and "precocious" as her doctor calls her.  She is petite cuz I think everything she eats feeds her brain!  She tries my patience one minute and makes me laugh my butt off the next.  I have to repeat myself 72 times sometimes before she hears me telling her to stop doing something but the second I say something I shouldn't, well, THAT she not only heard but will repeat at very inappropriate times.  The daughter is cute...and knows it!  She's also funny and she knows it!  Example to prove how she makes me laugh and want to strangle her at the same time:

Daughter had been upstairs in her bed for one and a half hours, supposed to be going to sleep.  She had been given water cuz she said she was thirsty, brought downstairs to pee cuz she said she needed to, read stories, given a kiss and a hug to Dad, Mom and her this point only staying awake just to avoid sleep.  I go up and tell her, "It's way past your bedtime.  You should be asleep now.  We hear you on the monitor humming and talking to keep yourself awake.  I'm gonna go back downstairs and I don't want to hear another peep outta you!"  I leave her room and just get to the stairs when out of her room I hear, "PEEP!"  Fits of laughter or time to strangle?

Yeah, if she's like this at three I can't WAIT til she's sixteen!

The Son

Son is only three months old so he hasn't learned manipulation from his sister...yet.  He's a big boy, started wearing 3-6 month clothes at six weeks.  He definitely doesn't follow Daughter's growth pattern there but most other things he's taking after her in.

Son started rolling over during tummy time at one month, babbling at a month and a half, and is already doing that razzing thing.  I'm betting Son will be called "precocious" by his doctor soon too.