How I Got Here

NO, this is not about my birth!  This is about how I went from my old life to the life I have now.

I was a single bartender living a "party girl" life complete with too much drinking, too much playing, too many late nights and afternoon mornings.  These were the "I'm never getting married and I'm never having kids" days!  Then this guy totally screwed up all my plans.  While working at a pub, this guy came in.  He was wearing a Def Leppard sleeveless T-shirt, jean shorts, a backwards baseball cap and sandals.  He ordered an "Angie Special"...this is the conversation to follow:

Me: What is an Angie Special?
Him: Why don't you go ask Angie? (not even looking at me!)
Me: I have to put it into the computer to order it...
Him: Well, go ask Angie and she'll tell you how to order it...
Me (under my breathe): Oh yes, cuz Angie will give a damn what YOU want!

Me again: Angie...What is an "Angie Special?" (said with air quotes and snarky attitude and all)
Angie: Is it for the guy playing darts wearing the backwards hat?
Me: Yeah...
Angie: Just ring in a screwdriver...I just give him a little extra vodka...

I ring in a screwdriver, not a little pissed now at the arrogance of this guy!

Me: You coulda' told me it was a screwdriver! (As I slam the drink down in front of him on his table)
Him: You figured it out huh?

Who woulda thought four short years later I would marry that guy!?!?

First came lust but too many other obligations got in the way so when he would ask me to hang out I was always turning Him down.  Apparently in his eyes that meant I wasn't interested...but I really was busy!  I had college, hockey (yes, I was a female hockey player!  What of it!?!?), a full-time bartender gig and all those late nights with co-workers!  Then came like.  We were JUST friends for a full year no matter what all his friends thought!  During that time we would literally spend the night at each other's apartments with a body pillow between us so we wouldn't even touch. His friends were pretty sure I was leading Him on so I could keep using his truck...I wasn't...but I did love borrowing his truck! Then came love.  One night out with one of my best friends, we had Him pick up beer for us before the bar closed.  We go over to his apartment to pick up the beer and, in thanks, I kissed Him.  I got into my friends Jeep and said, "I kissed Him...Oh my God, I kissed Him!"  Best Friend said, "And?" I said, "It was nice!"  Best Friend said, "About fucking time!"  We dated for a year and then Him proposed with a ring that only a guy that knew me could've found in a way that only a guy that knew me and didn't mind my quirk-tacular ways would have!

I find myself today as a housewife and stay-at-home mom...something I thought I would never be.  And in never having planned this future, there have come lots of ups and downs trying to figure out the ins and outs of the roller coaster that is my life.  I've been married to my best friend for eight years now and am the proud mama bear to two amazing kids.  I'm thankful every day that he totally screwed up my plans!