What's In A Name?

So if you came here expecting a bored housewife looking for a playmate, you came to the wrong place. "Playing house...wife" is about my life as a housewife and stay-at-home mom.  By the name alone you may think this blog is going to be about some housewife that was hoping for a covert relationship with a young pool boy.  I noticed this problem only after confirming the name.  I may have a totally messed up way of looking at this though so maybe that never even crossed YOUR mind.  I assure you though that I have no need for a pool boy since the only pool I have is my daughter's blow up kiddie pool.  Although having a pool boy for that could be amusing, just for the looks and comments I might get and the cocktails he could bring me, I don't think I'm really in need of one.  So point being, I am a housewife and stay-at-home mom who never thought I'd be living this life!  If I went back to the 21 year old me and told her this was her future...she might have punched me!  I went from a bold and brazen single bartender to a bold and brazen married mother of two.