September 19, 2012

All Toddlers Have A.D.D.

Daughter is still feeling a little sick, so this morning when she asked me if she could watch "Lilo & Stitch", I gladly switch it on with the belief that it's going to be a lazy Disney and snuggle while sipping warm Jello day.  Man, was I ever proved wrong!

In the course of one hour of the movie being on, Daughter had built a fort, played in her kitchen, ran around the house forty times looking for her bathrobe and built herself a nest on the couch.  Thinking that I was watching the movie by myself, I switched to some news.  BAD DECISION!  Instantly, I was hit with a hail storm of, "Mom, why'd you shut that off!?! I was watching that!  Turn "Lilo & Stitch" back on! Yelling makes my throat hurt!"

A blade of grass dancing in the wind distracts Daughter from food when her stomach is growling!  Seriously!  She asked for a peanut butter sandwich, a banana and some chips for lunch the other day.  I thought that was a decent lunch so I got it for her, I sat her down at the dining room table and actually had to sit there with her saying, "Take a bite...chew the bite in your mouth...swallow the food in your mouth..."  I thought this should go without saying!  But there were distractions.  The dog kept walking by and then the cats and the tree outside the window was swaying in the wind and conversation about "Did you know that other moms work?" and "Mama did you know that you used to go to work?" and "When will I be able to swim under water?" and "Can we go to Grandmama's house today?"...seriously!  You're hungry! EAT!

I wish I had her energy and I wish she could focus on one thing at a time and I don't think either wish will come true any time soon!

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