September 25, 2012

Did That Just Happen?

I decided it was time to take Son to the doctor cuz Daughter and I have both recovered more or less from this sickness that invaded my home and yet Son doesn't seem able to kick it.

He's been coughing and having trouble sleeping and has been more to the doctor we go.

I always hate the doctor's waiting area cuz there you are listening to all these other people hacking and sneezing and only about half of them are covering their mouths.  You can almost SEE the germ clouds spewing from their mouths every time.  Yes, some people are there for routine check-ups and yet, they might be leaving with the cold that the guy next to them came in with.  I'm really not a big germaphobe but at a doctor's office it seems to enter my mind much more.

We check-in and sit down, Son in his car seat.  There are several other mother's there with their sick children so snotty noses are everywhere.

And then comes the echo of, "Baby! Baby! Baby!"  ALL the little girls just saw the baby...A.K.A. my son.  What do almost all little girls love more than anything in the world? BABIES!  And they always want to come over and look at the baby and they touch the baby and they want to kiss the baby.

I hear a little girl ask her mom, "Mama, can I go see the baby? <HACK>?"
The mother, never looking up from her magazine, "Sure honey."

This little girl turns around and snot is running down her face into her mouth, I had already heard the hacking cough.  It was like that slow motion moment in the movies where they play the pounding footsteps of the impending danger.  In my head I hear the suspenseful music and I hear my inner voice screaming, "NOOOOOOO!"

And this little girl sneezed right in Son's face!  Did this really just happen? Yes, that was what I needed!  Come in to the doctor's office to figure out how to get him over the cold he has only to have him get this little girl's cold...yes, this was my dream!

I was sympathetic when I then looked at this little girl's mom who looked horrified and I realized not only does she have an incredibly sick daughter but, judging by her rudolph-nose and red eyes, she was sick too and wasn't getting to take a sick day or getting any sleep.  I'll feel bad for her as long as Son doesn't get her daughter's cold!

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