September 18, 2012

I Confess...I Envy The Working Mom!

Any and every mom belongs to one of these two groups...stay-at-home mom or working mom.  There's a war waging every day between these two groups of moms.  The working mom makes comments about how the stay-at-home mom has it so easy and has given her own identity up to her children.  Meanwhile, the stay-at-home mom makes comments about how the working mom puts her children on a back burner for her career.

I have personally viewed life from both groups.  I remember when I was a working mom thinking about how nice it would be just sit at home with my little girl and never miss a single one of her milestones.  I now look at the working mom and think how nice it would be to get away and have the chance to MISS my children and maybe even have my children miss ME!

I think that's the whole war...each group secretly envies the other.

I love my children dearly and truly value my time with them.  Still, I'm more than willing to admit my time with the "Sanity Squad" really does save my sanity cuz just about the time that I'm going to lock Daughter in her room and put Son in his crib, shut the door to the upstairs, grab a beer, a cigarette and turn the monitor off...I get a mama's night out.  If every so often I HAD to leave the house...I might start not WANTING to leave the house so much.

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