November 13, 2012

She is right...ish...

Him came home from the grocery store Friday with a new movie for Daughter.  It was "The Toy That Saved Christmas" Veggie Tales Movie.  Veggie Tales is a tradition now at our house since when Daughter was very young. Him gave her his copy of "Silly Songs" long ago.  It was on VHS cuz he had it since before DVD's were the only thing available.  Daughter watched it so much the tape literally broke.

Now she has several Veggie Tales movies on DVD and it's one of those things that I don't mind watching with her. They are humorous and they teach some good lessons.  In "The Toy That Saved Christmas" the lesson is that Christmas is about GIVING not whining about all the gifts you want to RECEIVE on Christmas morning.

Saturday night Grandma came over for dinner and brought with her an American Girl Doll catalog.  (Don't worry...I didn't just jump ship on the Veggie Tales idea...they come together senile break yet!)  Grandma has given a couple of these catalogs to Daughter and she knows exactly which one she wants and exactly ALL the accessories she needs.  There's even one with blonde hair and brown eyes just like Daughter, which is not a normal doll combo let me tell ya!

Conversation Sunday morning:
"Daddy this is the dolly I really want!"
"Oh really?"
"Yeah I think I'll tell Santa that's what I want for Christmas!"
"Do you remember what the Veggie Tales said about Christmas?"
Blank look from Daughter...
"Remember they said that Christmas is about giving not about whining about all the things you want..."
Thoughtful look from Daughter...
"Yeah so maybe Santa will GIVE me that dolly!"

So yes, Christmas is about giving...what are YOU giving ME?

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