November 11, 2012

Listless Wonderings

Daughter and Son technically have three sets of Grandparents.  They have my mom, my father and stepmom and Him's mom and dad.

With Christmas coming around the corner my stepmom called and asked about what Daughter and Son would like for Christmas.  She's that lady that shops early and doesn't do the last minute mad dash to the store and wind up with something no kid wants.  I told her I would have Daughter come up with a wish list.

Now we have this long list of things Daughter named off as things she "NEEEEEEEDS".  First, my editing came in and I took out all toys that make annoying noises that become the soundtrack for wherever my child is in our house until ultimately some wonderful little elf invades our home and steals batteries out of toys in the middle of the night.  I may have left the door open for the elf or lured the elf in or actually been the elf but we're not telling that to Daughter!  Then, editing to eliminate all toys that take up 20 square feet of floor space that we don't have to give to ONE toy.

Then comes the thought process of whether or not I can send this to ALL the grandparents?  Would they take offense?  Do they think they already have the "perfect" gift idea?  Is their "perfect" gift idea one of the dreaded toys I already eliminated from the list?  Can I tell them what NOT to buy?

Then I started thinking that maybe I could make a guideline list like if you get a toy that makes noise please get one that has volume control...if you get a huge toy please make sure it is something that can be outside or easily taken down and put up on a whim.  Maybe I should just tell them all that books are good, especially since Daughter LOVES reading and not going to the library is punishment to her.  Maybe I could ask for gift cards but kids aren't really thrilled by gift cards at Christmas.  How about clothes?  I've never seen a child absolutely light up at getting clothes for Christmas especially not from their Grandparents that normally spoil them.  

I know we all want our children to be happy but should it really cost us parents our sanity?

My sister gets to be the one that can give Daughter and Son all the most annoying toys she wants to cuz I was THAT Aunt.  I found the toy that made the most annoying noises at the loudest volume known to man and that was what I bought for my nephews for any and all gift giving time until they got old enough that all they wanted was money...then I had kids and well, you know what they say about payback.  Other than her though I wish people would think before they bought kids toys.  Think about how annoying it would become if you heard this toy all day every day until you took the batteries out just to keep you from throwing it against the wall, ripping the stuffing out with a knife and running over it with your vehicle just to make the bad noises stop!  Think about how much you would like it if this thing sat in the middle of your house for you to try to dodge 20 times every day before you accidentally stub your toe into it falling face first into your coffee table and yelling words you try so hard to never say in front of your children at the top of your lungs!  Those are the toys all parents wish their children never got and it seems to be loving caring and well meaning family members that give these toys every time.

Maybe the guideline should be if you can live with my child bringing this toy every time they visit with an endless supply of batteries then you can gift it cuz there's a possibility that if you give it, it may end up "accidentally" being left at your house and every time we come over I'll replace the batteries and (cough, cough) forget it again.  Every time a child visits you will remember the new toy gift giving rules!  BAHAHAHA!

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  1. I think lists are wonderful things and should be used for ALL occasions!!!