October 8, 2012

Silence is Deafening

I often wish that I could have some peace and quiet.  There's ALWAYS someone in my house yelling or the TV is on or Daughter is singing or Son is screaming or some noise of some kind.  There is silence only when everyone is sleeping and then I'm asleep too and unable to enjoy it.

So when Him announced he was going to take Daughter with him to run some errands yesterday...I thought to myself YIPPY!  Some peace and quiet!  I thought about how I used to really enjoy being alone in my house.  I thought the silence would be so wonderful.  Him and Daughter left and Son went down for his nap about ten minutes after they left.

Then I heard....NOTHING!  It was amazing!

I made myself a real lunch and got to eat it while it was still hot.  I watched The Closer series finale that had been sitting on my DVR for two months unwatched.  I laid down on the couch and read a few chapters out of a book.  It was wonderful.

And then...I sat there.

I realized I had no idea what to do with myself if no one was running around needing me or making noise.  WHAT!?!?  How did this happen?  I know I used to do a lot of things before my house was overtaken by my children.  I used to spend whole days by myself in my house doing things but none of the things I used to do were coming to mind right then.  The silence was actually annoying.  I couldn't believe how much I missed the sound of Daughter running throughout the house and bashing toys around in her playroom.  The silence was not as great as I thought it would be!

About an hour later, I heard the truck pull into the driveway and I went outside.  Daughter came running up to me with a huge hug and started telling me all about what they did while they were gone.  She ran inside, went straight for her playroom and started banging dishes around in her kitchen.  Then I heard Son talking on the monitor.  Him came in and turned the TV on to watch the race.

And I started thinking I really should have enjoyed the silence a little more.

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